Chromium Copper

The C18200 Chromium Copper is high on conductivity copper alloy that have properties for both cold as well as heat treatment. The alloy is high in strength and hardness and is resistant towards softening at high temperatures. The alloy is mainly used for electrical welding applications where deformation resistance is required at high temperatures.


  • Consumer Applications : Pencil-type & Light Soldering Guns: Tips, Rod Extensions
  • Electrical Applications : Switch Contacts, Electric Motor and Generator Components, Contacts, Wire, High Temperature, Semi Conductor Bases, Parts for Electronic Devices, Cable, Connectors, Thermal Conductors Requiring Greater Strength than Copper, Switch Gears, Electrical Connectors, Electrical Conductors Requiring Greater Strength than Copper, Arcing and Bridging Parts, Circuit Breaker Parts, Electron Tube Grid Side Rods
  • Industrial Applications : Seam Welding Wheels, Electrode Holder Jaws, Flash Welding Electrodes, Plastic Mold Components, Resistance Welding Machine Electrodes, Flash Welding Electrodes, Current Carrying Shafts and Arms, Wear Plates on Heavy Equipment, Heat Sinks, Structural Parts, Spot Welding Tips, Molds
End Product Specification
Forgins MILITARY MIL-C-19311
Strip MILITARY MIL-C-19311
Wire, Soft ASTM F9

Chemical Composition:

  Cr Cu Fe Pb Si
Min/Max 0.6 – 1.2 Rem 0.1 0.05 0.1
Nominals 0.9 99.1


Joining Technique Suitability
Brazing Good
Butt Weld Fair
Capacity for Being Cold Worked Excellent
Capacity for Being Hot Formed Good
Coated Metal Arc Welding Not Recommended
Forgeability Rating 80
Gas Sheilded Arc Welding Good
Machinability rating 20
Oxyacetylene Welding Not Recommended
Seam Weld Not Recommended
Soldering Good
Spot Weld Not Recommended

Physical Properties:

Product Property US Customary Metric
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 9.8 · 10 6? per °F (68-212 F) 17.6 · 10 6? per °C (20-300 C)
Density 0.321 lb/in3 @ 68 F 8.89 gm/cm3 @ 20 C
Electrical Conductivity 80 %IACS @ 68 F 0.468 MegaSiemens/cm @ 20 C
Electrical Resistivity 13.0 ohms-cmil/ft @ 68 F 2.16 microhm-cm @ 20 C
Melting Point Liquid US 1967 F 1075 C
Melting Point Solid US 1958 F 1070 C
Modulas of Elasticity in Tension 17000 ksi 117000 MPa
Modulas of Rigidity 7200 ksi 49640 MPa
Specific Gravity 8.89 8.89
Specific Heat Capacity 0.092 Btu/lb/°F @ 68 F 385.5 J/kg · °K at 293 K
Thermal Conductivity 187.0 Btu · ft/(hr · ft2 ·°F)
@ 68 F
323.6 W/m · °K at 20 C

Sizes Available:

HOLLOW RODS Min Bore Size 20 mm and Max OD 100 mm
ROUND RODS 8mm To 100 mm
HEX 10mm To 60mm
SQUARE 10mm To 60mm
FLAT 10mm Min Thickness and max Width 120mm
BILLETS Up to 200 mm
INGOTS As per Specification

Chromium Copper

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