C62500 Aluminum Bronze

The aluminum bronze C62500 is high in corrosion resistance alloy, which is used while manufacturing guide bushings, wear strips, cams, dies, forming rolls, sheet metal forming dies, wing dies for vertical tube benders, bushings, wear plates for plastic molds, welding rod, plastic mold components.
Applications :

  • Industrial: Guide Bushings, Wear Strips, Cams, Dies, Forming Rolls, Sheet Metal Forming Dies, Wing Dies for Vertical Tube Benders, Bushings, Wear Plates for Plastic Molds, Welding Rod, Plastic Mold Components

Chemical Composition:



End ProductSpecification
Rod, WeldingAWS A5.13


Joining TechniqueSuitability
SolderingNot Recommended
Oxyacetylene WeldingNot Recommended
Gas Shielded Arc WeldingGood
Coated Metal Arc WeldingGood
Spot WeldFair
Seam WeldFair
Butt WeldFair
Capacity for Being Cold WorkedNot Recommended
Capacity for Being Hot FormedExcellent
Forgeability Rating80
Machinability Rating20

Physical Properties:

Product PropertyUS CustomaryMetric
Melting Point – Liquidus1925 F1052 C
Melting Point – Solidus1917 F1047 C
Density0.260 lb/in3  at 68 F7.2 gm/cm3  @ 20 C
Specific Gravity7.217.21
Electrical Resistivity104 ohms-cmil/ft @ 68 F17.29 microhm-cm @ 20 C
Electrical Conductivity10 %IACS @ 68 F0.059 MegaSiemens/cm @ 20 C
Thermal Conductivity27 Btu · ft/(hr · ft2·oF)at 68F46.7 W/m ·  oK at 20 C
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion9 ·10-6  per  oF (68-572 F)16.2 ·10-6  per  oC (20-300 C)
Specific Heat Capacity0.090 Btu/lb/oF at 68 F377.1 J/kg ·  oK at 293 K
Modulas of Elasticity in Tension16000 ksi110000 MPa

Sizes Available

ROUND RODS8mm To 70 mm
HEX10mm To 60mm
SQUARE10mm To 60mm
FLAT10mm Min Thickness and max Width 120mm
BILLETSUp to 200 mm
INGOTSAs per Specification

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