C62400 Aluminum Bronze

The aluminium bronze Aluminum BronzeC95900 is characterized by its high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. The uses of the alloy includes variety of heavy duty mechanical and structural products including gears, worm drives, valve guides and seats. It is a heavy duty bearing alloy, but does not tolerate misalignment or dirty lubricants and generally should be used against hardened steel shafts, with both shaft and bearing machined to fine surface finishes.

Typical Uses for C95900 Aluminum Bronze :-

  • Industrial:Gears, worm drives

Chemical Composition:



End ProductSpecification
CentrifugalASTM B271
ContinuousASTM B505
IngotASTM B30
SandASTM B148

Physical Properties:

Density   (lbs/in3).260
Specific Gravity7.21
Specific Heat(Btu/lb 0F).09
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion(in/in/0F)9.0 x 10-6
Electrical Conductivity(% IACS)10
Electrical Resistivity  (Microhms-Meter @ 680F) 172
Thermal Conductivity(Btu/sq. ft./ft./hr./0F @ 680F)22.5
Magnetic Permeability1

Sizes Available:

ROUND RODS8mm To 70 mm
HEX10mm To 60mm
SQUARE10mm To 60mm
FLAT10mm Min Thickness and max Width 120mm
BILLETSUp to 200 mm
INGOTSAs per Specification

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