Forging Brass Hollow Rods

ASTM B 124 C37700
BS 2874 CZ 122
IS 3488 Forging Brass

Product Details:

Chemical RequirementsCuZn42Pb2CuZn40Pb2
Copper56.5 – 60.0%57.0 – 59.0%
Lead0.60 to 2.0%1.5 to 2.5%
Iron0.30% max0.40% max
Total Imp. Excl. Iron0.20% max0.70% max
Physical Properties
Tensile Strength380 Mpa Min40 kg/mm2 Min.
Elongation %25% Min18% Min.
Izod Value2.0 KJ min
Fabrication Properties
Capacity for being  
Cold workedPoorPoor
Hot formedExcellentExcellent
Hot forgeability rating100%100%
Machinability Rating80%80%
Suitability for solderingExcellentExcellent
Suitability for BrazingGoodGood
Forged Components, Industrial Valves, Defense components, Watch Case, Automobile Valves Components

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