High Tensile Brass Hollow Rods

IS 320 HT1 or HT2
BS 2874 CZ114 or CZ115
JIS 3250H C6782 or C6783

Product Details:

Chemical RequirementsHT1HT2
Copper56.0 – 60.0%56.0 – 61.0%
Lead0.20 to 1.50%0.50 to 1.50%
Iron0.20 to 1.25%0.20 to 1.50%
Tin0.20 to 1.0%1.0% max
Aluminum0.2% max0.30 to 2%
Manganese0.25 – 2.0%0.50-2.0%
Total Imp.0.50% max0.50% max
Physical Properties
ConditionSizeT.S. MPaEL% MinT.S. MPaEL% Min
As manufacturedAll Size430 min20%460 min20%
Cold-worked & Stress10-40480 min12%520 min12%
Relieved40 above  500 min15%
Fabrication Properties
Capacity for being  
Cold formedPoorFair
Hot workedGoodGood
Machinability Rating30%30%
Resistance to CorrosionExcellentExcellent
Suitability for solderingExcellentFair
HT1 is suitable for Soldering
Ht2 is suitable for Machining

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