Riveting Brass Hollow Rods

  • IS 4170 CuZn40
  • BS 2874 CZ109
  • JIS 3250 H C2800
  • ASTM B171 C 36500
  • IS 4413 CuZn37
  • BS 2872 CZ108
Chemical RequirementsCuZn35Pb1CuZn35 
Copper62.0 – 65.0%63.0 – 68.0%
Lead0.75 to 1.50%0.02% max.
Iron0.10% max0.05% max
Total Imp.0.50% max0.30% max
Physical Properties
ConditionT.S. MPaEL% MinT.S. MPaEL% Min
Quarter Hard (HA)325-39030%340-34530%
Half-Hard (HB)400-49020%420-51015%
Hard (HD)500-68515%
Extra Hard (HE)695-8855%
Fabrication Properties
Capacity for being 
Cold formingExcellent
Machinability Rating70%
Ductile Alloy with good combination of bending as well as cold heading properties

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