C26000 Brass Zipper Wire

We provide High-Quality Brass Flat Wire with Bright surface finishing and brass color, widely uses in Zipper and textile Industries suitable for teeth formation, bending and punching work, top and bottom stopper.

Equivalent Specification


Technical Specifications:

Chemical CompositionC26000 (min to max)
Copper (Cu)68.5-71.5%
Lead (Pb)0.07% Max.
Iron (Fe)0.05% Max.
Zinc (Zn)Rem.
(1) Cu + Sum of Named Elements 99.7% min. 
Size: Available
Width:2.5 Mm10 Mm+/-0.03 Mm
Hardness90 HV170HV 
Coil Weight 30-50 Kgs 
Coil I.D. 300 Mm 
Coil Width 100 Mm

Our wires are suitable for the following designs:
Classic zippers used in high grade jeans and work jeans:
Open-ended zippers, used in jackets:
Two way open-ended zippers, generally used on long coats:
Two way closed ended zippers used in luggage’s:

High tensile strength:
Lengthy functional life:
Flawless finish:
Corrosion resistance:

C26000 Brass Zipper Wire

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