C68100 Brass Brazing Rods

Shree Extrusion Low Fuming Bronze is a general purpose oxy-acetylene brazing rod used for Steel, Copper Alloys, Cast Iron, Nickel Alloys and Stainless Steel.A balanced chemical analysis of Copper and Zinc as well as alloying elements of Tin, Iron, Manganese and Silicon produce welds with excellent mechanical properties.High strength, ductile and sound welds are easily attained by using a neutral or slightly oxidizing flame (especially on Copper Alloys).The high Silicon content keeps fumes to a minimum.

ISO 24373:2008CUZn40Fe1Sn1

Chemical Composition:

Min(%)56.0 To To 1.200.01 To 0.500.050.04 To 0.150.80 To 1.10Bal0.5
Physical And Mechanical Properties
Solidus Temperature866°C (1591°F)Liquidus Temperature888°C (1630°F)
Density8.4 Gms/Cm3Tensile Strength450 N/Mm2
Elongation30%Brinell Hardness96HB
Sizes Available
Wire1.0 Mm To 11 Mm Max

C68100 Brass Brazing Rods

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