Oxygen Free Electronic Copper Pipe

Copper, OFE, Oxygen Free Electronic. C10100 has conductivity 101% IACS, the highest among coppers. Used for electrical and electronic conductors, wave guides, cavity resonators, superconductor matrixes, vacuum tube and solid-state devices, and glass-to-metal seals.

Chemical Composition:


Physical Properties :

Product PropertyMetric
Melting Point – Liquidus °F1981
Melting Point – Solidus °F1981
Density lb./cu in. at 68°F0.323
Specific Gravity8.94
Electrical Conductivity*% IACS at 68°F101
Thermal Conductivity Btu/ sq. ft/ ft.Hr/ °F at 68°F226
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 68-57210⁻⁶ per °F (68 – 572°F)9.8
Specific Heat Capacity Btu/ lb. /°F at 68°F0.092
Modulus of Elasticity in Tension (ksi)17000

Sizes Available

ROUND RODS1.2 mm to 250 mm
HEX1.2 mm to 250 mm
SQUARE4 mm to 60 mm
FLAT4 mm Min Thickness and max Width 120 mm
BILLETSUp to 200 mm
INGOTSAs per Specification

Thermal Properties

Hot Treatment14001600

Oxygen Free Electronic Copper Pipe

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