C71500 Copper Nickel

Spec Equivalents: ASTM B151, MIL C15726F

The C71500 COPPER NICKEL “70/30” alloy is the corrosion resistant alloy mainly used in salt water environment. The alloy is the combination of nickle, iron and manganese that helps in maintaining good corrosion resistance and is commonly used in valves, and pump components.


  • Industrial Applications :  Pump Impellers, Heat Exchanger Tubes, Evaporator Tubes, Distiller Tubes, Condenser Plates, Refrigerators, Process Equipment, Condenser Components, Ferrules, Welding Backing Rings, Flexible Metal Hose, Weld Wire, Boiler Parts, Condensers, Propeller Sleeves, Heat Exchanger Components
  • Marine Applications : Salt Water Flanges, Salt Water Piping, Valve Bodies, Sea Water Service, Fittings, Sea Water Condensers, Salt Water Pipe Fittings, Water Boxes – Salt Water Applications, Pump Bodies and Internal Parts-Sea Water

Chemical Composition:

  Cu Fe Pb Mn Ni Zn
Min/Max Rem 0.40 – 1.0 0.05 1 29.0 – 33.0 1
Nominals 69.5 0.5 30


End Product Specification
Bar ASTM B122, B151, MILITARY MIL-C-15726, SAE J461, J463
Bolts ASTM F468
Electrode, Welding AWS A5.6, MILITARY MIL-E-22200/4
Nuts ASTM F467
Pipe, Seamless ASME SB466, ASTM B466
Pipe, Welded ASTM B608, B467
Plate ASTM B122, MILITARY MIL-C-15726, SAE J461, J463
Plate, Clad ASTM B432
Plate, Condenser Tube ASME SB171, ASTM B171, SAE J463, J461
Screws ASTM F468
Sheet ASTM B122, MILITARY MIL-C-15726, SAE J463, J461
Strip ASTM B122, MILITARY MIL-C-15726, SAE J461, J463
Studs ASTM F468
Tube, Condenser ASME SB111, ASTM B552, B111, MILITARY MIL-T-15005, SAE J463, J461
Tube, Finned ASME SB359, ASTM B359, MILITARY MIL-T-22214
Tube, Seamless ASME SB466, ASTM B466, MILITARY MIL-T-16420
Tube, U-Bend ASME SB395, ASTM B395
Tube, Welded ASME SB543, ASTM B543


Joining Technique Suitability
Brazing Excellent
Butt Weld Excellent
Capacity for Being Cold Worked Good
Capacity for Being Hot Formed Good
Coated Metal Arc Welding Excellent
Gas Shielded Arc Welding Excellent
Machinability Rating 20
Oxyacetylene Welding Good
Seam Weld Excellent
Soldering Excellent
Spot Weld Excellent

Physical Properties:

Product Property US Customary Metric
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 9.0 ·10-6 per oF (68-572 F) 16.2 ·10-6 per oC (20-300 C)
Density 0.323 lb/in3 at 68 F 8.94 gm/cm3 @ 20 C
Electrical Conductivity 4 %IACS @ 68 F 0.027 MegaSiemens/cm @ 20 C
Electrical Resistivity 225.0 ohms-cmil/ft @ 68 F 37.4 microhm-cm @ 20 C
Melting Point – Liquidus 2260 F 1238 C
Melting Point – Solidus 2140 F 1171 C
Modulas of Elasticity in Tension 22000 ksi 152000 MPa
Modulus of Rigidity 8300 ksi 57230 MPa
Specific Gravity 8.94 8.94
Specific Heat Capacity 0.09 Btu/lb/oF at 68 F 377.1 J/kg · oK at 293 K
Thermal Conductivity 17.0 Btu · ft/(hr · ft2·oF)at
29.4 W/m · oK at 20 C

Sizes Available:

HOLLOW RODS Min Bore Size 20 mm and Max OD 100 mm
ROUND RODS 8mm To 100 mm
HEX 10mm To 60mm
SQUARE 10mm To 60mm
FLAT 10mm Min Thickness and max Width 120mm
BILLETS Up to 200 mm
INGOTS As per Specification

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