RBCuZn-A Brass Brazing Rods

RBCuZn-A Naval Bronze (RBCuZn-A) is a copper-zinc brazing filler metal containing small amounts of tin to improve strength and corrosion resistance in the weld deposit. It is a good choice when the high strength properties of low fuming bronze are not required. A borax-boric acid flux is generally required when brazing with this product.

Equivelent Specifications:

UNS C47000
ISO 24373:2008 CuZn40Sn
EN 14640:2005 CuZN40

Chemical Composition:

  Cu Al Sn Zn Pb Others
Min(%) 57.0 To 61.0 0.01 0.25 To 1.00 Bal 0.05 0.5
Physical And Mechanical Properties
Solidus Temperature 886°C (1627°F) Liquidus Temperature 901°C (1654°F)
Density 8.45 Gms/Cm3 Tensile Strength 375 N/Mm2
Elongation 35% Brinell Hardness 85HB
Sizes Available
Wire 1.0 Mm To 11 Mm Max

RBCuZn-A Brass Brazing Rods

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