RBCuZn-B Brass Brazing Rods

RBCuZn-B Nickel Bronze (RBCuZn-B) brazing filler metal is similar to naval bronze but contains manganese and iron which increase the hardness and strength of the weld deposit. It also contains nickel ensuring uniform distribution of the iron in the deposit. A neutral or slightly oxidizing flame and a boric acid/boric type flux should be used.

ISO 24373:2008CuZn40Ni
EN 14640:2005CuZn40Ni

Chemical Composition:

Min(%)56.0 To 60.00.20 To 0.800.010.25 To 1.200.01 To 0.500.50.04 To 0.200.80 To 1.10Bal0.5
Physical And Mechanical Properties
Solidus Temperature886°C (1627°F)Liquidus Temperature882°C (1654°F)
Density8.39 Gms/Cm3Tensile Strength450 N/Mm2
Elongation25%Brinell Hardness96HB
Sizes Available
Wire1.0 Mm To 11 Mm Max

RBCuZn-B Brass Brazing Rods

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